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Loving Lake Anza

I had never been to Lake Anza in Tilden (Berkeley) so on an extra warm Friday we went for a picnic and a splash. It is lovely! It “feels” less icky to me than Lake Temescal can “feel” (always check lake conditions on the East Bay park websites before you go). The setting is idyllic. …

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What I Am Asking For, For Christmas

We are getting soooooo bored by our usual outdoor spots. Well, by “we” I mean “me” because I think my toddler is probably super fine with the same playground rotations. This past week I went to the play ground by Roberts pool, part of the East Bay Regional Parks system. It was heaven! In a …

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Great Toddler Swim: Cull Canyon

Looking for a more “natural” looking swim spot but still want the protection for your kiddo of chlorinated water? Check out Cull Canyon in Castro Valley. It is toddler cool down heaven. There is a sandy beach for digging and lounging and lots of shallow water for splashing in. There are picnic areas and grassy …

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July is National Parks and Rec Month

Just a reminder that July is national parks and recreation month. A bunch of parks are doing special events (and most of them are free). Check the website of your local community center, neighborhood business group that often hosts things like street fairs or outdoor movie nights, your municipality and/or your regional park system. If …

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Cheap Toddler Cooldown

Have a tot who is too sensitive for the high amounts of chlorine in public pools? Sick of rowdy older kids pushing and splashing your wee one? Grossed out by the bacteria levels in the local lakes? Daunted by the cold temperature of the bay and ocean water? Yeah, me too. But me and my …

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Roberts Pool, Oakland

This forgetting to take pictures thang is becoming a bad habit. Sorry folks! I will try to paint a picture with words lol. High in the hills of Oakland is Roberts Regional Park. You might think a swimming pool in the redwoods may be a chilly experience but it is heated. There is a fabulous …

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Lake Temescal: swimming?

I have posted about Lake Temescal before as a great place to go for a picnic and BBQ, to play ball in the grass, to stroll on the path with the stroller and doggies. As the heat wave in the East Bay continued we headed to the swimming beach (no dogs allowed) for a mere …

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