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We Rock The Spectrum in Berkeley – nice splurge

Have you done the rounds of the indoor play spots? So have we. I rarely splurge on going back to them more than once or twice but We Rock the Spectrum is going to be the exception. Wow this place is great! There is a puzzle and craft room, a train room, a room filled …

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$2 off MOCHA admission for costume wearers

I don’t think I have posted about MOCHA (museum of children’s art) before because it doesn’t fall into my free or cheap category ordinarily. It is an amazing place in downtown Oakland! On Friday and Saturday they have open studios from 10-1 which means you pay $7 for yourself and for your kid to do …

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Free Art Workshops @ Libraries

I just learned about the Museum of Children’s Art here in Oakland. How have I never heard of this before? Well, when I go I will let you all know what I think. From the website it looks awesome. There are frequent open studio times that cost $7 when you feel like splurging and are …

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Not Cheap Or Free But Worth Knowing About: PlayCafe

I recently joined a new mommy group on meetup.com. (If you haven’t checked out all the parent groups on meetup.com go ahead and do it; there are so many and most are free!) The meet up was at Play Cafe in Oakland. I thought wow, let the kiddo play with some new toddler friends and …

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East Bay Discovery #3: Pizzaiolo

Pizzaiolo is in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland. It is known for it is amazing fancy schmancy pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. I love that it uses only sustainable ingredients. But the pizza is not why it is a great discovery for a momma on a budget: it is because of their morning hours …

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