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A Few Upcoming Free Events

I haven’t been blogging since before the holidays because of all the holidays, birthdays and a frantic search to find a preschool for my daughter because an unexpected job was offered to me. I hope you and your family had a GREAT holiday season. There are so many fun free/cheap things to do that time …

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Free Family Yoga

There are so many fun, free things happening for the holidays so be sure to keep an eye out for them on places like Berkeley Parents Network, 510 Families or Fun Cheap SF East Bay. Sick of the holiday already? Here’s a non-holiday free event that caught my eye: A yoga class where adults connect …

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Parks and Rec, I love thee

We just finished watching all six seasons of Parks and Rec on netflix. Such a good show! However, the real Oakland Parks and Rec Dept is blowing my mind! We just got home from a FREE parks and rec play date. 930-1230 on Wednesdays and Fridays at Willie Keyes Rec Center led by two wonderful …

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Free Flu Shots for kiddos

Our health provider is Kaiser so we receive free flu vaccinations already but if you don’t have Kaiser and want your kid to get a flu shot, check out the Oakland Shoo the Flu website.

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Supporting Your Toddler’s Emotional Development

I have been taking a bunch of psych and child development classes at our local community colleges for fun. Recently I finished a paper on how to support your toddler’s emotional development. I wanted to know about what my daughter was experiencing, her own emotional development, as well as find ways to support her through …

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Free self defense class for women and girls

Saw this on a list serve and thought you might be interested in this or want to pass it on to other women and girls in your life: FREE SELF-DEFENSE WORKSHOPS November 9 & November 10 ********** Self-Defense Workshop for Middle & High School Girls Saturday, November 9, 2013, 1 – 4 pm In honor …

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Anonymous Parent Support Hotline

Any parent will tell you parenting can be overwhelming and very difficult at times. If you or anyone you know needs someone to anonymously chat with, please give them the information for the non-profit FamilyPaths. Here in the East Bay the free, anonymous hotline number is 1.800.829.3777. These folks have been helping parents, grandparents, foster …

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Free carseat check

I posted before about how we attended a free carseat check hosted by the Alameda police and that it was scary how unsafely we had ours installed (even though we had read the manual). I had mostly gone because there was a rumor you would get free passes to Habitot (true!). I am so very …

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First East Bay Discovery: Oakland Acupuncture Project

Well, we’re all moved in and the baby has been born…. I am officially an East Bay Momma!! Now I can steer this blog towards my original intention: a way of exploring our new East Bay stomping grounds as a curious, fun-loving and frugal Momma. My first fabulous find: The Oakland Acupuncture Project.¬†http://oaklandacupunctureproject.com/ I had …

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