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Oh MAN have I discovered a wonderful phenomena: Freecycle! Freecycle is a non-profit grassroots, international association of member groups that enables folks to exchange unwanted items in order to keep things out of landfills. It is like a FREE garage sale on a massive scale. You can find your local group here and read their …

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Hi blogging community, I am participating in a WordPress challenge that helps bloggers improve their blogs. The first assignment is to re-introduce myself to the community and explain what this blog is about. I am a mommy to a fun and fabulous toddler. We live on a tight budget. I wanted to use my blog …

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My Secret To A Tidy Home (on a budget)

Are you having trouble keeping the house clean? Do you feel like you don’t know how to keep a house clean? Did you never learn? Did your parents expect perfection so you never did it at all to avoid not meeting their standards? Did your parents use chores as punishment so you associate the steps …

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Coupons Right To Your Inbox

I have gingerly been sticking my toe into the world of extreme couponing. Frankly, it is overwhelming and very time consuming! However, I did find a neat and free service I thought you all might be interested in. Lozo.com is a website where you sign up and put in your usual grocery list. After a …

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Supporting Your Toddler’s Emotional Development

I have been taking a bunch of psych and child development classes at our local community colleges for fun. Recently I finished a paper on how to support your toddler’s emotional development. I wanted to know about what my daughter was experiencing, her own emotional development, as well as find ways to support her through …

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Halloween Half Moon Bay Expedition… On The Cheap

Wanting to do the Half Moon Bay “Capitol of Pumpkins” expedition and not break the bank (or lose your mind in traffic gridlock)? Here is how our recent visit went down, very frugally: 1. We carpooled, saving gas money 2. We went during the middle of the week, on the early side, avoiding rowdy school-age …

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Great Free Kids Museum Event Tomorrow!

Need an excuse to drive over the new bay bridge? Check out this event tomorrow (reposting from East Bay Moms). Our munchkin has croup (so awful) so we can’t go but we would be there in a flash if she was feeling good! Sunday, September 15 11:00am – 4:00pm at Yerba Buena Family Day, San …

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SF for the Day? Repost of Presidio Article

Want to head to San Francisco for a cheap day? Here is a link to an article by RedTricycle discussing some fairly cheap or free options for parents and kids in the Presidio (click here). You will totally run into me and my tot in the presidio on a Sunday sometime soon!

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