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Sunol Wilderness Wildflower Festival

Normally I would never post about an event that already happened but this one was so great I want you all to know about it for next year! The Sunol Wilderness Wildflower Festival yesterday was such a wonderful family free event. The only cost is parking ($5) which is free if you have a park membership. (Seriously one of the best deals I have found ever is the park membership – free parking, swimming, discounts on camping, a great newsletter letting you know about all these events, etc.)

There were twelve booths of crafts for kids. Crafts ranged from paper making to making wildflower seed bombs to crowns of flower. These were really well thought out, beautiful crafts. And free! (Donation jars were around.) If your child completes at least eight crafts then they could go to the ranger station and pick out a gift! Our kiddo chose a large fabric pinwheel for the garden.

There were other booths with info on bees, on conserving water, on gardening using native plants and on the park system. Ranger led hikes to see wildflowers occurred throughout the day. There was live music at times and a BBQ truck. The bathrooms were clean and there were free spring water stations.

Our family goes to a lot of festivals and this one was so lovely and laid back – really nice for families with toddlers/preschoolers and younger school age children. Keep your eye out for it next year and do check out the East Bay Parks Website – the park system and the programs they are offer are such treasures for frugal families!

I didn’t take pics of the actual festival but here are some pics from our mini hike around the fair area. Gorgeous area for a picnic and hike, festival or no festival !







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