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San Ramon Playgrounds: road trip!

We had heard about a new park with a toddler-appropriate zip line in San Ramon. Zip line??? We were ready for a road trip!

The first park in San Ramon we visited was by the community center. It’s small but great. A rock wall, all sorts of climbing structures and a man-made stream with just a trickle running through – great for toddler splashing and rock climbing. No zip line though; we went to the wrong park!

After being guided to the correct park, Rancho San Ramon Community Park, there was still no zip line! Well, it’s there but only a week or so in operation and it was broken. But the rest of the park was great. A wonderful water feature, lots of climbing structures, a sand area, good slides, etc. They have clean bathrooms and a nice picnic spot. The rolling hills and big sky is a nice break from more urban areas. One word of caution: there is very little shade. Lots of hats and sunscreen is a must. Dogs are allowed everywhere except the water play area.

Happy road-tripping it! If you come in/leave via 680 you can stop for groceries at whole foods or Safeway. And there’s a Target. (Sometimes I guiltily appreciate the convenience and selection in a suburban big box store!)



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