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Free Star Gazing in the City

We just got back from Chabot Science and Space Center in the Oakland hills. SO FUN. It was a free day if you have an account with Bank of America.

This morning it was surprisingly (and pleasantly) uncrowded, especially considering the chilly, wet weather that usually drives families to indoor spots. Anyways, the exhibits are great – good for all ages really. There is such a variety to choose from and many if not most are interactive. There is so much to learn about! The planetarium films are fun and really remind you about our fragile place in the gigantic universe… Really cool. The cafe is pricey but makes sandwiches for the kids in fun spider, butterfly and flower shapes so we splurged. You can easily bring your own food in to eat indoors or outdoors. Parking is free and the bathrooms are clean and plentiful.

In between a very busy and happy time with our three year old exploring like crazy we learned from a volunteer that the center’s namesake, Chabot, donated a telescope to the city of Oakland 100+ years ago on the condition it would always be accessible to the public for free. Every weekend night, weather permitting, you can come stargaze through the many telescopes, for free! You know this is on our to do list!



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