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A Few Upcoming Free Events

I haven’t been blogging since before the holidays because of all the holidays, birthdays and a frantic search to find a preschool for my daughter because an unexpected job was offered to me. I hope you and your family had a GREAT holiday season. There are so many fun free/cheap things to do that time of year here in the Bay Area. And, there will be much more for more upcoming holidays such as Chinese New Year which is just around the corner.

I know I have plugged the awesome Berkeley Parents Network list serve here on this blog previously. The online public archives alone are invaluable from childcare and school reviews to trusted handymen recommendations to advice on how to travel with kids in Belize. An amazing resource! I pulled a few free events they had listed in their most recent email for you all. Here you go and belated Happy New Year to you and yours:

Jan 26: Magic Show with Magic Dan (free)
Come enjoy a comedy filled children’s magic show by one of the Bay
Area’s most popular children’s magicians, Magic Dan.

Free on-street parking in adjoining neighborhoods. Please arrive early
and allow ample time for parking and walking to venue.

Appropriate for ages 3.5 and up.

Berkeley Public Library South Branch
1901 Russell St
Berkeley CA 94703
11:00 AM.
Thursday January 29th @ 7pm
FREE Family Education Series (hosted by Alameda Family Collective)

”Immune Health for the Whole Family,” presented by Dr. Todd Born, ND.

Come learn how to keep your whole family healthy during cold/flu season!

Sweet Charlie Boutique
1513 Webster Ave, Alameda
Submitted by: Jennifer (afconbpn@gmail.com)


Staying Attuned to Your Young Child – parent class (free)
Increase your ability to engage and stay connected without reacting
during moments of stress. Learn to reflect on your child’s inner
emotional experiences while developing your understanding of their
behaviors & feelings.
@ Habitot: Wed. Jan. 28 6:30-8pm
Register: AttunedParenting.eventbrite.com
Submitted by: Rachel Kadner (parented@habitot.org)

Talking to your kids about their donor origins (free)
01/28/2015 06:00 PM – 08:00
@BANANAS in Oakland

Learn developmentally appropriate language to help children of all ages
integrate knowledge of the donor side of their origins while
strengthening their life-long bond with their parents.

To register: http://www.ourfamily.org/
Submitted by: Alice Ruby (aliceruby@mindspring.com)



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