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We Rock The Spectrum in Berkeley – nice splurge

Have you done the rounds of the indoor play spots? So have we. I rarely splurge on going back to them more than once or twice but We Rock the Spectrum is going to be the exception. Wow this place is great!

There is a puzzle and craft room, a train room, a room filled with different kinds of swings, a zip line, trampolines and so much more! I highly recommend it for a fun, special treat.

They offer classes for an additional $5. We took a dance class. Barbara, the instructor really connected with my kiddo and I think everyone had a blast. I believe there are a bunch of packages you can buy for various classes that are for the whole family and/or just the kids or parents.

You can bring in snacks for the break room. The whole place feels very clean and well run. They have camps and date night options as well. We were there just as they opened and it didn’t get crowded until about 11am. It’s an easy on/off the highway too. Another bonus is that it caters to all kids – those with developmental differences especially included. I don’t usually plug outings that aren’t free but this one is great!


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