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Loving Lake Anza

I had never been to Lake Anza in Tilden (Berkeley) so on an extra warm Friday we went for a picnic and a splash. It is lovely! It “feels” less icky to me than Lake Temescal can “feel” (always check lake conditions on the East Bay park websites before you go). The setting is idyllic.

Getting there on the other hand can be a bit nutty! I tried my car GPS and google maps. I sure did get a nice tour of the surrounding neighborhoods… So, check out an old-school map or get directions from a friend (not me) before you head out.

When you get to the parking lot you can barely see the lake and you might think, after also getting lost for a half hour, that Lake Anza is just some sort of Nonexistent East Bay urban legend. Keep walking down the hill (or run if you are holding a toddler hand). You will soon see the entrance.

Because it is the off season right now there is no fee to swim or park.

Check out my pictures, I know they aren’t the best but hopefully they capture the beauty. You can choose to sit on sand or grass and there’s plenty of shade options for both. We were there on an extremely hot day and it wasn’t crowded at all. It was a workday but it was a Friday and I notice that other kid places fill up on Fridays with parents perhaps “working from home”?

There are bathrooms and it looks like there could be concessions during the summer.

It really is a beautiful spot and the toddlers were WORN out with all the sand fun and splashing about. I have a feeling this will be one of my daughter’s favorite childhood haunts 🙂





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