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San Leandro Marina

Hi all! We are back from our family emergency. Still grieving but able to get back out there and enjoy this east bay we so love!

Today in an attempt to “get the wiggles out” of my toddler before a shopping trip, I swung by the San Leandro marina. I had heard that it is a great spot for walks, biking, etc. Because it was mid-morning during the week it was very deserted (a little too deserted for my tastes) but I can imagine it must be bustling on the weekends. The views were fabulous of San Fran all the way down to the San Mateo bridge and if you have airline enthusiasts in your family they will be thrilled by how close the Oakland airport runways are. Very cool spot for plane-watching action. The boats are beautiful, there are bathrooms and there seems to be plenty of room and paths for toddlers and dog walkers to roam. I probably won’t be going there alone again but definitely a fun aviation and nautical-inspired destination for a group outing.





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