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Free Parenting Workshop At Habitot

Habitot is offering a free parenting class with a licensed psychologist/parent coach. I volunteer on Wednesday nights so I can’t make this. Sure wish I could! Here are the details:

“What Great Parents Do”
FREE Parenting Workshop
6:15 – 8:00pm, Wednesday, February 19
All parents want to raise happy, secure and loving kids. The good news is that there are proven parenting methods that will help you succeed. Local psychologist, mom, and parentcoach, Dr. Erica Reischer, will lead this free, interactive workshop. register here. For Info contact Rachel at (510) 647-1111 ×16 or parented@habitot.org.

Topics that will be touched on include:
The ABCs of positive parenting: Acceptance, Boundaries, Consistency
10 things great parents do
How to redirect challenging behavior
Why poorly worded praise can undermine kids’ motivation and achievement and what to do instead
How to help your kids manage stress, disappointment and other intense emotions
The importance of cultivating gratitude and other happiness habits in your family

Erica Reischer, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and parent coach. She has published several articles on optimal functioning, the mind/body connection, cultural difference, and children/adolescents in prominent journals. Through individual consultations and group workshops specifically for families of young children, her work with clients is both compassionate and pragmatic. Her practice focuses on proven, research-tested methods for effectively navigating the everyday challenges of life with children.

Register here


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