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Oh MAN have I discovered a wonderful phenomena: Freecycle! Freecycle is a non-profit grassroots, international association of member groups that enables folks to exchange unwanted items in order to keep things out of landfills. It is like a FREE garage sale on a massive scale. You can find your local group here and read their guidelines before you get started. Essentially you send an email listing an item you don’t want anymore. Folks respond and you choose a person to come pick it up. This is priceless if you are a big declutterer like I am. There is then no need to drive to the goodwill plus you get to see how happy you have made someone who really wants your unwanted stuff! If you are in need of something you send an email and folks contact you with what they have. It’s frugal magic! Since kids go through stages so quickly there is always a bunch of items for parents being offered. My only word of caution is of course be streetsmart. Anyone can sign up for this group so if you need to, offer to meet people in a public place like in front of a grocery store. I have only had pleasant and inspiring interactions and I am an avid freecycler. These are the sort of wonderful tools that makes being frugal really easy and fun!



  1. Check out Yerdle. It will rock your world.

  2. Alicia P

    COOL, thanks for the tip!

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