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Stoneridge Mall: For A Desperate Momma

Where do you head when your kid is getting over a cold and probably isn’t contagious but… you can’t be sure she isn’t contagious so no going to the regular spots but… you the parent need to get out of the house but… it is really, really cold out? Head to your local mall! I hadn’t been to a regular mall probably since the baby was born so I had to scout one out. My web searches indicated the Stoneridge Mall might be a good fit. Turns out it was. About a twenty minute drive from Oakland, it isn’t well marked from the highway so be sure you have directions or a GPS. Stoneridge houses all your usual mall stores (it’s amazing that stores like Spencer’s and the Express still look an awful lot like when I used to shop there as a tween). There are some new additions like vegan takeout and a Lego store where kids can play freely at a Lego table. In one alcove of the mall there is a modest play area with structures for kids to climb. Of course, the best part of the mall for my daughter was being given free reign to run wildly down the hallways and through the big department stores. Late afternoon on a weekday meant the mall wasn’t crowded at all. Poor kid, after being sick and housebound for so long, she couldn’t contain her joy at the freedom and space to roam. And the best part: the only cost for this outing if you bring your own snacks and stick to window shopping is transportation costs to and from the mall.


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