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My Secret To A Tidy Home (on a budget)

Are you having trouble keeping the house clean? Do you feel like you don’t know how to keep a house clean? Did you never learn? Did your parents expect perfection so you never did it at all to avoid not meeting their standards? Did your parents use chores as punishment so you associate the steps you must take to have a clean home with negative memories? Is there no way you can afford a cleaning person but you want a tidy home? Do you look at friends’ tidy homes and ask them how they do it and they look baffled and can’t really answer your question much to your disappointment? Do you panic of someone wants to “stop by” announced? Are you a person who is creative and nurturing with lots of ideas and lists and clutter but not a lot of calm, peace and order in your home? Perhaps I can help. Or rather not me, but the flylady. The flylady? Yes, there is this woman who helped herself move from a disordered, cluttered, messy but well-intentioned lifestyle to a tidy, loving, fun, clean lifestyle via a series of baby steps. She offers her self made program for free on her website, flylady.net. You receive a bunch of daily emails that guide and inspire you. There may be some references that don’t jive with you culturally but it really is an amazing program. Beware it is for folks who really are disorganized and baffled as to how to keep a house clean. The program will be lost on a person who is generally able to keep a house fairly clean. It has been so very helpful to me the last five years or so and now that I am a mother it is even more so. And, it is free!


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