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What I Am Asking For, For Christmas

We are getting soooooo bored by our usual outdoor spots. Well, by “we” I mean “me” because I think my toddler is probably super fine with the same playground rotations. This past week I went to the play ground by Roberts pool, part of the East Bay Regional Parks system. It was heaven! In a beautiful setting, lots of great equipment, an elevated play structure, lots of slides and climbing options, clean bathrooms, great BBQ areas, lots of lawn space to run – just heaven! But the downside is, and this is huge, that it costs $5 to park. Boo! And I mean boo hoo, not the seasonally appropriate Halloween Boo. Then this frugal momma discovered that there is a $50 individual and $95 family annual membership to the whole East Bay Parks system that provides many benefits, including free parking, free swimming and discounts on camping. Guess what I am asking for, for Christmas instead of my usual New Yorker subscription request? You know it! What momma of a toddler has the time and mental bandwidth for that mag right now anyways, right? Click here to learn more about the membership benefits.








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