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Halloween Half Moon Bay Expedition… On The Cheap

Wanting to do the Half Moon Bay “Capitol of Pumpkins” expedition and not break the bank (or lose your mind in traffic gridlock)? Here is how our recent visit went down, very frugally:

1. We carpooled, saving gas money
2. We went during the middle of the week, on the early side, avoiding rowdy school-age weekenders and lots of weekend traffic (I thought it was still pretty crowded but I overheard the staff at the pumpkin patch remarking on how “slow” it was that day…I can’t imagine what it is like on a “busy” day!)
3. We packed lunches and snacks and ate outside at the pumpkin patch, enjoying the ambience and not shelling out for their pricey food
4. We went to the farm that is the total tourist trap (http://www.lemosfarm.com/) but where you could buy tickets for each individual attraction. My daughter only wanted a train ride so the total expense of the day was $6 for the ride for 2 and…
5. $1 for goat food at the otherwise free petting farm attraction. She was content to examine and to climb on extra large pumpkins, hay bales and other decor for much of the time. There was a free bouncy house as well.
6. That brings me to the pumpkins. We didn’t get any. They were sooooooo overpriced and we were on toddler-time so we couldn’t venture to other farms. We will be getting a grocery store pumpkin closer to actual Halloween but in the meantime we have the cutest pumpkin patch photos and memories.

Happy frugal Halloween! (And if you are looking for a nice side business I highly recommend a Half Moon Bay pumpkin farm; they definitely appear to be making a killing!)



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