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Anonymous Parent Support Hotline

Any parent will tell you parenting can be overwhelming and very difficult at times. If you or anyone you know needs someone to anonymously chat with, please give them the information for the non-profit FamilyPaths. Here in the East Bay the free, anonymous hotline number is 1.800.829.3777. These folks have been helping parents, grandparents, foster parents and caregivers through the ups and downs of parenting. Sometimes just talking with someone about what is going on with your family can really help you gain clarity about what is going on and how to make things better. Oftentimes it isn’t comfortable to talk to a family member or even a close friend. That’s where the FamilyPaths counselors can help. They will listen 24/7. They can also provide referrals to services such as free or sliding cost therapy, if applicable. Parenting is hard and can be an isolating experience! Having the courage to reach out and touch base with someone who wants to support you as a parent can really be helpful.


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