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Toddler? Berkeley? Check out Totland

I had heard that Totland in Berkeley was a fabulous playground for toddlers so we recently trekked on over there from Oakland. It is a great playground, no doubt about it! However, I had heard such rave reviews that I was disappointed it didn’t live up to the high expectations I had. It was small, crowded and lacking the wow factor I had conjured up in my head. That said, it is definitely a great place to take your toddler if you live nearby or are in the area and need a playground/picnic spot.

On a weekday morning it was quite full with kids, caregivers and parents. There are plenty of push toys and tricycles to go around. There are several slides, two of which can be easily accessed by small toddler legs. There was a water station area and plenty of sandbox areas. The swings were in hot demand with nannies managing several kids at a time. My daughters favorite spot was the rope spider web for climbing. There are basic bathrooms on site. There is a small lawn for putting blankets down an a bunch of picnic tables. The shade to sun ratio at the park was great (about 50/50). I couldn’t take too many pics of the playground equipment to post here because it was too crowded with kids. Hopefully you can get general gist from my description.




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  1. Jordan F

    thanks for the info!

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