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Frog Park in North Oakland

My toddler is really into playing hide and seek, climbing and exploring whatever is around the next corner without abandon. Sound familiar? Then Frog Park in North Oakland is probably a great spot for your kiddo.

At first I was skeptical. We parked under a very noisy smelly highway overpass. I saw some swings and a dog park but not much else. But there were an awful lot of kids there so we kept walking deeper into the park. We passed a small stream where a bunch of kids were wading barefoot and then we saw it: a massive wooden play structure filled with all sorts of fun things.

There are monkey bars and rock walls and a sand box. But what my munchkin loved the most was the structure itself with all it’s steps and corridors and great hiding places. Toddler heaven. If you are in the North Oakland/Rockridge area for any reason this is a great playground to stop off at so the kids “get the wiggles out” (as we say in my family).








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