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Frugal Tip: Wash Everything in Cold Water

I spend an awful lot of time trying to find ways to save money. Often these tweaks turn out to not only save money but are healthier for us and for the environment.

Here’s my latest frugal move: wash everything in cold. Dishes, laundry (you think cold tap water won’t get your clothes clean but it does), your hands, etc… Everything besides your kids I suppose! The idea behind this is to avoid the water heater kicking in. We unfortunately purchased a home with all electric appliances. Yikes! You can imagine our energy bill. The more I can avoid using warm or hot water, the more money I can peel off the energy bill. And, even if you have gas appliances, using less hot water is good for the environment!


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  1. GMom

    I agree except for bed clothes, especially when folks have allergies. A simple way to help control allergens in to wash sheets, pillowcases, towels etc in the hottest water the fabric can take. It’ll save you misery from allergies (and money for meds) in the long run, especially for children. Love, GMom

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