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40% Off Shoes At Silver Moon @ Lake Merritt

Every thrifty mom has one or two things she probably doesn’t skimp on. It may be all organic produce or the best stroller or the fancy schmancey sunscreen. For me, it’s shoes. Feel free to judge me, but my daughters feet worry me quite a bit. I have shied away from hand me down shoes or shoes from Walmart (although for the record, we do have both) because I am super concerned about the bones that are still so very soft and are still forming. But the shoes I want my daughter to wear are all in the $50 range. What’s a momma on a budget to do? Find a great sale!!!

Through Saturday the hybrid resale/new merchandise kids clothing and toy store Silver Moon is having a 40% off sale on their fancy schmancey kids shoes. Such a great deal! Combine your shopping trip with a cup of coffee from any one of the numerous coffee shops nearby or enjoy some frozen yogurt from the shop a few doors down. Then head over a few blocks to “the jewel of Oakland,” Lake Merritt for a lovely stroll. The loop around is about three miles I believe. The new bridge section (about half way around) is open and very nice with decent public restrooms (at least decent as of right now lol). There are a couple of playgrounds but we usually stick to the one by the lakeshore library branch because the other is by the bird sanctuary and it is prone to crazy amounts of bird poo.

Don’t forget to get the store by Saturday to take advantage of the sale. You can also bring in some outgrown clothes that are still in good shape. They offer much better compensation IMHO then the place I have been taking my daughter’s to in San Fran. Who knows, if you have enough stuff that they want to resell for you, maybe those fancy, well-engineered kid shoes could even be free!





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