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Habitot’s Free Safety Fair

Many of you may have been to Habitot in Berkeley. It is rather pricy but we had free passes so we went on a weekday morning. We were one of the first into this fabulous toddler wonderland and left when it started to get crowded (really crowded). My toddler really enjoyed herself! She got to paint for the first time ever, she loved the mini grocery store complete with carts and cash registers, she loved the water tables and had a blast on the fire truck. It definitely is toddler heaven, as long as it isn’t too crowded. After an hour or so there were a bunch of older kids that were overwhelming the toddlers which was frustrating. Despite that experience it was really fabulous. Great changing areas, lunch room and even a toy lending library. Pricy though.

Anyways, this Friday and Saturday they are hosting a safety fair which includes free admission! Info around baby proofing, fire safety, toxins, helmet safety, etc will be shared for free. I am sure there will be crowds but it definitely should be worth braving them.






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