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Costco: good for the thrifty Mom?

I go back and forth on whether or not our Costco membership and visits actually save us money. When my kiddo was a newborn and we were forced to use formula to supplement breast-feeding there was no question we needed to join: the formula alone was so much cheaper. When we switched from cloth diapers to disposable I felt like Costco again was valuable. But now that the formula days are long gone and potty training is on the near horizon, I am wondering if we should renew our membership when it expires next month. I like the deals on frozen organic blueberries and organic meat, but I am not sure that warrants the investment. This is particularly the case when I figure transportation into the equation; our nearest Costco is at least twenty minutes away without traffic whereas we have regular grocery stores, discounters and reasonably priced produce stands very nearby.

All that said, the reason I am posting this is because they have a fabulous deal going right now at our local Costco – kids fuzzy sleeper pjs, zip up with feet, for $7.99. Silly as it feels to blog about, I just had to since this is a remarkable deal! These types of pjs are usually worn hard by toddlers so you don’t see many in second hand stores. At regular stores they are about $15. I just had to share this great local deal with all of you!


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  1. Jordan F

    definitely a hard one!

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