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Montclair Playground

We checked out the Montclair Park and Rec Center today. Definitely a nice park if you are local. It has a shady picnic grove next to a nice sunny green lawn area and pond with a fun fountain for kids to point out. The playground has three sections, a wooden play house with stagecoach and horse statues for climbing, a toddler playground and a bigger kids playground. Both playgrounds have that bouncy matting that I love and no sand (lots of NorCal moms let their kids play in playground sand; it makes me nervous lol). Lots of slides and both kinds of swings for small and big kids. The big kid playground was in the shade in the morning which is nice if you try to avoid daily sunblock dousings like me. So why wouldn’t this be my go to playground? Parking can be a little tough because it is on-street parking and it is a busy four lane street. Also, it is right by highway 13 and there is a ton of traffic noise. Today there was also loud construction noise. Otherwise, it is a great spot, especially if you need to get out the wiggles before heading into the nearby cute shopping/dining Montclair Shopping District.









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