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Cheap Toddler Cooldown

Have a tot who is too sensitive for the high amounts of chlorine in public pools? Sick of rowdy older kids pushing and splashing your wee one? Grossed out by the bacteria levels in the local lakes? Daunted by the cold temperature of the bay and ocean water? Yeah, me too. But me and my tot are hot! We want some water time (and daytime bath times can get old and mess up bedtime routines).

Two suggestions:

1. If you have any outdoor space at all head to Target in Emeryville and buy an $11 blowup kiddie pool. Don’t be tempted by the more expensive sprinkler versions: I promise your kid will have a blast in the $11 pool. I could blow it up pretty easily by myself so I didn’t need to buy a pump. If the hose water is chilly just add some heated water off the stove being careful of the temperature and your kid of course! Throw in plastic balls, Tupperware, plastic toys, etc and your kid will have a blast for hours! (Or at least for awhile lol.). Important safety notes: never leave kids unattended. There is some statistic that an infant/tot/kid can drown in something like just two inches of water. Also, there will be lots of belly flopping around so be sure you put your pool on a soft surface (we did placement on some grass with a cushy play may).

2. No outside space, no problem! Gather up a bunch of Tupperware, pots, paintbrushes, funnels, spoons and whatever else you can think of. Fill up multiple containers full of water and watch your tot have a blast. This works (messily) on kitchen floors, sidewalks, at the local park near a water fountain, etc. Frugal parents have to be creative with the setup but then you get to cool off with your kid and watch how creative your kid will get playing and splashing and pouring and laughing and having a blast! The best part is the easy clean-up: it’s only water after all.

Enjoy the heat!



  1. I agree, water keeps little ones busier than any other activity/toy. Enjoy your summer. ~Blessings~

    • Many thanks! I hope you and your family do too!!

  2. Maureen Z

    Great summer fun for sure!!

    • Yes! Hope you are having a great summer Maureen!

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