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Lake Temescal: swimming?

I have posted about Lake Temescal before as a great place to go for a picnic and BBQ, to play ball in the grass, to stroll on the path with the stroller and doggies. As the heat wave in the East Bay continued we headed to the swimming beach (no dogs allowed) for a mere $3. During the week the $5 parking charge wasn’t being collected (note if you are up for a short walk you could always park along the street near the south west entrance and hoof it in to avoid the parking charge when they are enforcing it.) My daughter LOVED the beach. She splashed in the water, dug in the sand, enjoyed snack time in the shade. The lifeguards were super vigilant and when we went it wasn’t crowded at all. I prepared to go again yesterday but a friend warned me to check the website first. What did she mean? Apparently the bacteria levels can get too high and although they will let you swim depending on just how high they are, you are swimming at your own risk. You have to check the website to see what the levels are that day. GROSS! I have no idea what level it was the day my daughter took a dip. She seems fine thankfully but I hope the word is spread about this. Did they have the info posted at the entrance? I don’t know but I definitely didn’t see it if it was. For babies and toddlers, swimming in iffy water is no joke. Lake Temescal will stay in our park rotation for walks, picnics and the playgrounds but definitely not for swimming!


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