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Great stroller/doggie walk in Tilden

Tilden Park is massive! There are so many trails and so many recreational things to do I am sure I will have many blogposts to come. In the last few days we have gone twice on a great stroller walk with the stroller and the pooches.

We parked at the Inspiration Point parking lot. We proceeded up the paved trail that passes in front of the bathrooms. The path continues for quite awhile but we just walked until the dogs has sniffed enough and the toddler was ready to stretch her little legs. We had a quick picnic at the picnic tables by the parking lot.

What is so great about this trail is that it is beautiful and stroller friendly. A nice break from hiking with a 24lb baby on my back. And, even though it requires dogs to be on leash, the pooches still have a blast.

On the weekends I recommend getting there on the early side because on a nice day it does get crowded (with dogs we prefer less crowds especially when there are a lot of bicyclists around). On the weekdays there doesn’t seem to be too many folks except perhaps a sunny Friday afternoon. This is one of my first experiences at Tilden and it truly is an East Bay treasure!








  1. Kath

    looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Kath! Let me know if you go and have a good time.

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