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Shopping + Baby Beach Time

The lovely warm weather in Oakland has sent me and the baby into stir crazy mode. Our usual haunts feel, well, like the usual. We want some excitement!

Yesterday I texted a friend asking if her and her kid wanted to meet at the playground. Shortly thereafter I remembered that the dogs needed more food. Their food is a particularly hard to find brand that we serve them because a holistic vet suggested it could help control the one pup’s epilepsy. (That is a whole other blog.). Anyways, this food is hard to find and since arriving in the Bay Area we have only found it at particular Petcos. The nearest one carrying it is in the South Shore Shopping Center in Alameda.

Alameda has always made me feel strangely claustrophobic although I know it is considered a very desirable area to live in. Despite my probably unwarranted aversion to the community, the shopping center with the Petco is super convenient. It has all sorts of stores from Trader Jos to Walgreens to the Children’s Place to Marshall’s to a car wash. It offers suburban conveniences but with an even greater bonus: the complex is right across the street from a beautiful bay beach with great views of San Francisco.

After I finished some errands at a few of the stores, my friend and I met up in front of the Safeway entrance and caravaned across the street to the beach. I can’t believe I didn’t take pictures for you!!! It was windy but warm and beautiful. The beach was clean and we basically had it to ourselves. I didn’t see postings against dogs so perhaps they can romp as well. We had a lovely picnic and the toddlers really enjoyed digging in the sand. The view and water was invigorating.

If you have to run boring errands anyways, this is a great way to make the best of them! It wasn’t exactly the excitement I have been craving but it sure was a great day.



  1. Sandy

    A few hours at the beach is always a good day!

  2. Stacey P

    Sounds like a good way to entertain the tots!

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