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Free Rainy Day Outing

Where can you entertain a very active toddler on a rainy day for free? Ikea in Emeryville! Hear me out. I know ikea can be such a pain when you are there to shop for new furniture. It can be crowded, overwhelming with options, confusing, etc. But on a weekday in the early morning on a rainy day it is none of those things.

The showroom is like one giant house: beds and couches to climb, tons of drawers and closet doors to open, a whole toy room filled with new toys to explore. You can bring your own lunch and sit in the cafe as your tot munches and watches other shoppers. There is a private diaper changing area that even has an easy chair in it for breast feeding.

After an hour or so of exploring, lunch and the long walk to the car your little one will be really ready for an afternoon nap. And if you were able to resist all the merchandise and the tempting $1 frozen yogurt, the whole outing only costs the price of gas or public transit to get there!



  1. Hillary B

    What a fun idea! thanks for sharing!

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