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Mosswood Park – a lovely urban park

Mosswood Park right by Kaiser in North Oakland is a lovely find. It is surrounded by such an urban scene – lots of noise, traffic, construction – and packs a mighty park punch having so many amenities in a relatively small space: toddler playground, bigger kid playground (with a nice bouncy ground cover), fabulous basketball courts, tennis courts, small dog park, big dog park and paths good for short ambling stroller walks. There is a rec center that was open during the day and advertised crafting classes and kid programs.

I can’t seem to find an official website for it but you can check out the Wikipedia article on it that gives some interesting history on the grounds as well as the yelp reviews Try not to get depressed by the historic house being used for storage (oh, Oakland!!!)

I have a friend who lives nearby or I probably would have just zoomed by in the car, not stopping. This park would be a perfect family fun stop with the kids and the dogs if you are headed to oakland Kaiser or shopping along nearby Piedmont Ave.

I didn’t check out the bathrooms for you but Kaiser is close by (lol) if the rec center ones are nasty or closed.








  1. my friend oliver used to teach a community yoga class every weds. morning in that park.

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