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First Shoes Follow-up



This is a follow-up post to the one where I recommended buying certain baby items new. I had read in several different sources that you should buy baby’s first pair of shoes (when they are walking) new because their bones are still soft and developing so you do not want them conforming to the shape of another kiddo’s feet in hand me down shoes. The sources also recommended taking baby to a shoe store that specializes in baby shoes so she can be properly measured.

I read some yelp reviews and choose Happy Feet in Alameda. My budget-minded momma self knew this was probably not going to be a budget friendly outing and I was right: not cheap. However, I am really glad we went there.

The staff was great. They measured my daughter’s feet like true professionals (not always easy with a squirmey toddler!). I learned that until she is walking primarily she still needs the very soft soled shoes (which you can get cheaper at a place like target or online at amazon.com) but the sizing is important. There should be about an inch to a half inch of space from the big toe to the edge of the shoe. This spacing allows the foot to expand and develop freely.

My daughter is a size five which is helpful to know for relatives and friends who have asked to buy shoes for gifts. We ended up paying about $35 for her shoes. Not cheap! But she wears them everyday (it is fairly cool temperature-wise in Oakland so bare feet aren’t comfy even in the house), I have the piece of mind that her foot will develop properly and we have helped a small local business thrive.

Let me know if you have any shoe toddler tips or stories!




  1. Paige D

    So cute! I had no idea that hand me downs were not good for new feet, thanks for posting!

  2. GMom

    Shoes are so-o-o-o cute.

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