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When to spend a little

Well, I am one thrifty Momma. However there are a few items which I have found over the last year of motherhood that are really better to invest in:

1. Good car seat that is easy to adjust as your kiddo grows. Hand me downs, even high quality and trusted ones, are frowned upon because you just never know what they have been through and a car seat really can be a matter of life and death. The car seats that have the removable carriers for smaller infants and then snap into strollers really are a luxurious convenience so you don’t have to wake up a sleeping baby. I wish I had had one! Check out reviews online before adding one to your registry or purchasing. We also checked the reviews on consumer reports for safety reviews (a one year online membership to consumer reports for a newly expecting person is a great gift so they can research everything from cribs to breast pumps!). We choose a graco that is good up to sixty-five pounds. It was under two hundred I believe.
2. Fancy blender. We finally invested in one after months of purée inadequacies. You will use this everyday three times a day for six months to a year. Unfortunately we did find that higher prices corollate to better motors, sharper blades and other handy features. But a good appliance like a high quality blender really can last decades and you will use a blender long past baby food making days. If you factor in the cost of organic baby food in jars vs homemade baby food made in your fancy schmancey blender, you are saving a ton! We choose a Breville on sale for two hundred.
3. Baby shoes for when they start walking. Hand me down baby booties are fine and most welcome! But when your babycakes starts to toddle around she needs shoes that can form to her own feet, not ones that another kiddo has already worn in. You’ll read about why in the baby books but it has something to do with their bones still being soft and the tendons in the foot still being taut. The books recommend getting baby’s foot measured by a professional for their first pair. We are supposed to do that soon and I will keep you posted if it actually seemed necessary.
4. Baby gates that drill into the wall. You are going to be opening and closing these things so many times a day that trust me, you are gonna wanna spend the extra twenty dollars and extra assembly time to make these puppies permanent and easy to open.

There may be a few other items I am forgetting that safety-wise it is best to get new and of a higher quality but that is all I can think of at the moment.

Luckily, so much of baby stuff you will be gifted from friends and family either new or as hand me downs and then you get to pass it on to the next expecting family. If you tend to be a little over sentimental about stuff like I do, the cycle of receiving and passing on baby stuff really helps! There is joy in making another mommy happy when she receives that adorable size six month pea coat that your baby fit in for only a week but is almost too cute to part with….


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