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Great Bay Area Business Shout-Out: One Big Man & One Big Truck

Moving sucks.  It just does.  Yes, I have heard the phrase that a death, a divorce and a move are the top three stressors a person can go through.  Try moving nine months pregnant….!

I have to give a big shout-out to the business that made our move so much easier than it could have been: One Big Man And One Big Truck Moving Co.  A friend recommended them and they had great yelp reviews.

I am so glad we called them.  They were great communicators from the start – upfront about policies, fees and procedures.  The crew that moved us worked very quickly and carefully.  Two out of three of the movers were super personable and family guys so we bonded over how pregnant I was at the time.  A day or two later one of the staff called to follow-up and make sure that all had gone well during the move.  Excellent service!  Worth every penny (and their rates are really reasonable for the bay area).

Moving sucks but they make it less sucky and totally deserve your business!


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