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First East Bay Discovery: Oakland Acupuncture Project

Well, we’re all moved in and the baby has been born…. I am officially an East Bay Momma!!

Now I can steer this blog towards my original intention: a way of exploring our new East Bay stomping grounds as a curious, fun-loving and frugal Momma.

My first fabulous find: The Oakland Acupuncture Project. http://oaklandacupunctureproject.com/

I had a very rough delivery and subsequently had a very low milk supply.  Breast-feeding was super important to me so I tried all sorts of things from multiple trips to multiple lactation experts, three types of herbs, meds from NZ, steel-oat oatmeal, two types of teas, various pillow and positions, nipple shields, meditation, etc, etc.  And, acupuncture!

The Oakland Acupuncture Project is an amazing group of practitioners.  Apparently, traditionally acupuncture was practiced in a group setting which is how this practice operates.  You come in, discuss your issues with the acupuncturist, she helps make you comfortable in a chair in a room that is quiet and filled with others who are settled into chairs, and then she administers the treatment.  She checks on you periodically and you remain in the chair for at least a half hour to let the treatment work before signalling to the acupuncturist that you are finished and need the needles removed.

The cost is sliding scale 15-35 dollars!!  There are two locations, one on Grand and one in the Laurel District.  Make an appointment via their website.

I loved the experience from start to finish and definitely will return if other health issues arrise.

They also offer reasonably priced massages.  I had one as a Birthday treat and it was worth every penny.  The masseuse was top notch and made me feel very comfortable after all the aches and pains of new motherhood.

What a fabulous discovery.  I love Oakland!


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